Navigating Delicious Library


Use the large icons in the middle of the toolbar to switch to different areas of the program: Library, Recommended, Wishlist, and (if enabled) iTunes.

In each area, you have the option to view all items or only items in a single category (books, movies, music, etc.). Use the icons at the left of the footer to display different item types. If your items all fit into a single category (e.g., all books), the type icons won't display.

Search widget

You can add items to your collection manually or search your collection at any time by entering words or phrases into the Search field at the right of the header. To add a search result to your library, click on the + icon to the left of the result. (If you have wishlist selected, the item will be added to your wishlist.)

Search by cover color using the icon to the right of the Search field. Activate voice search by clicking the icon.

Shelves List

The shelves list is the left sidebar in Delicious Library. At any time, click on the icon at the far left of the footer to show the shelves list. Click the arrow icon to hide it.

Use the Edit button at the bottom of the shelves list to:

Click Done to save edits to the shelves list.